2. jun, 2021

You can have a look here and also check this link to different translation of the booklet “My hero is you”. Here is the agenda:

2 June 2021 — Online — Putting Lived Experience at the Heart of Policy and PracticeConversations on Mental Health by the Wellcome Trust

7 June 2021 — Online — Positioning Local Innovation as a Basis for Learning and FundingConversations on Mental Health by the Wellcome Trust

9 June 2021 — Online — Global Mental Health and Decolonization webinar by Birkbeck Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Mental Health

9-10 June 2021 — Online — “Thinking ahead: new futures for mental health nursing” International Mental Health Nursing Research Conference by the Royal College of Nursing, UK

10 June 2021 — Online — Online Launch of the WHO Guidance and technical packages on community mental health services: Promoting person-centred and rights-based approaches

14 June 2021 — Online — Envisioning Mental Health as Larger than HealthcareConversations on Mental Health by the Wellcome Trust

14-15 June 2021 — Online — Mental Health voices from Africa – online conference by Be-c

20. mei, 2021
Application open for annual Mental Health in Complex Emergencies course

Over the past 16 years, the IIHA has run a popular 12-day course for mental health professionals. We will now be offering a distance learning course covering similar materials over a 15-week semester. This is a training course for mental health professionals and program staff who wish to establish mental health or psychosocial programs in a humanitarian context within conflict and post-conflict areas. Culture 4 Change adds the contextual components.

20. apr, 2021

In June we will talk about mental health in African settings -you are welcome to join! No costs or other strings attached (except that most of it is in French - but with translation)

3. apr, 2021
3. apr, 2021
Guest editorial for the newsletter of INTERNATIONAL HEALTH POLICIES

The first anniversary of the C-thing has not gone unnoticed. Anniversaries provide moments to take stock, look back and think about what might come next. Last Spring, the early enthusiasm for transformational change was more tangible in the air than aerosols -but now, on our way to 3 million casualties worldwide, it seems only artists and philosophers still continue the conversation about what actually makes life worth living, how to deal with political challenges, and how we need to relate this short or midterm challenge to the bigger one looming behind, the climate crisis. The great visions of a ‘new normal’ don’t leave a big footprint in ordinary politics so far....