First donations are coming in, which is wonderful and motivates us enormously. To get the ball rolling with partners in Brussels, Cambodia, Guinee and Congo we have to keep asking for support. Your donation helps us to approach the institutional donors (governments, United Nations, big philantropic institutes) with our proposals. Thank you! 

The C4C bank account is BE86 7360 5901 3450 at the KBC bank, Antwerp.

Swift Code KREDBEBB022

Support is welcome!

We are just at the beginning of C4C. We hope that people like the idea of ​​creating networks or groups, agencies, people to work together. The idea is simple: culture offers many powerful incentives to create positive change. Cultural traditions, the arts, applying music, dance, old myths and stories about modern changes ... it is good fun, it works, it is respectful and common understanding. 

We need ideas, funds, contacts, information, and criticism. Feel free!

Suggestions and questions are welcome at