Inspiring Life in Frozen Communities: Supporting Migrant Women in Brussels to Regain Control over their Lives

In Brussels, many migrant women without legal status have no or limited access to health care and other basic services. Their
access to descent care is mainly hampered by a lack of information, limit

Is er nog ruimte voor internationale solidariteit?

Sam Pol Dec 2019
BART CRIEL, WILLEM VAN DE PUT, KRISTOF DECOSTER - Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde.
Samenleving & Politiek, Jaargang 26, 2019, nr. 10 (decembe


A synthesis of child-focused research and intervention literature on mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of Afghan children and adolescents, and a framework for developing new initiatives.

Mass fainting in garment factories in Cambodia

A cultural perspecive on a strange and ongoing phenomenon in Cambodia

Community Systems Strengthening in Afghanistan: a way to reduce domestic violence and to reinforce women’s agency

A culturally sensitive approach to domestic violence and women’s agency in Afghanistan.

Mental Health programming in Afghanistan

Building mental health services in Afghanistan requires a combination of a health systems and cultural appropriate approach.

Bringing Order Out of Chaos: A Culturally Competent Approach to Managing the Problems of Refugees and Victims of Organized Violence

From the archives: the 9-step TPO-model developed for a community-oriented and culturally sensitive public health response to psychosocial problems - early 1990s!

Interview NRC - Afghanistan

Hoe werk je temidden van counter-insurgency?