6. feb, 2019

Governance and the role of the state in fragile settings: broadening the health systems (governance)

Trying to improve delivery of aid in crisis situations we wrote this  blog  about applying the   Health in All Policies   . We believe that the humanitarian and development actors should ensure that health is given systematically before any policy and intervention is made and / or implemented.

We need to be a bottom up, joint sense-making approach, with all the stakeholders who are involved in state building, so that health will be central to all decisions that are being made.

And we must recognize the fact that 'good enough' governance in every domain would have more impact on health outcomes than 'excellent' governance in the just the health sector; and this is particularly relevant in fragile contexts.

And perhaps most crucial of all, the global health community must learn to walk with the voice and vocal about challenging bad governance. We must be pragmatic about the actor, that is the concrete results that can be achieved in fragile contexts and emergency situations with partners.