6. feb, 2019

Theatre in Köln

Culture 4 Change has been asked to participate   in Ein transkulturelles Bühnen-Projekt in Drei Modules   in Germany. C4C is in the process of developing a Theory of Change for this 3-year German project that aims to improve the living conditions in some neighborhoods or in other countries.

The project is based on two theories.

  • The Third Space Theory,  a postcolonial sociolinguistic theory of identity and community realized through language or education, or Homi K. Bhabha.
  • he Polyvagal Theory  ; a neuroscientific theory developed by Stephen W. Porges that explains what happens in traumatic / stressful situations and which has many implications for the study of stress, emotion, and social behavior on a collective level.

This project, which will start in January 2019, will enable the population to find creative solutions that should lead to more social cohesion within their neighborhoods. One of the tasks of C4C will be conducting   research during   the implementation of the project. C4C also helps to find additional funding.