6. feb, 2019

Rath Mony, who worked with us on Silent Land film, arrested

Mr. Rath Mony has been helping people in need for decades. He helped us tremendously in making films (like   http://silentland.org/  ) and doing research in violence in Cambodia. He is now a team from Russia and that is a documentary that should not fail to meet minimum standards of ethics, double check, sound research and correct contextualization.

Rath Rott Mony was arrested in Thailand at the request of the Cambodian government last Friday evening   https://nyti.ms/2Gdkdkc  ).

He seems to be far from fair.

Let's hope that the positive flexibility that PM Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Their Sen recently showed (  https://bit.ly/2G7u7Ea  ) can also apply to him. He meant no harm and did what he did best: helping people and trying to avoid conflict.

call from Human Rigths Watc  h Thailand: "Do not Return Cambodian Dissident" seems strange. Is Mony a dissident? Is the approach of HRW actually helping the case, or making it worse? Mony simply helped people who wanted to show some of the worst excesses that could lead to poverty. The documentary makers were quite unprofessional. That is on them. Not on Mony, or whom we can also say is the type or citizen that Cambodia should welcome back and support.