22. apr, 2019

Working with migrant women in Brussels: "Liaisons Joyouses"

In Brussels, many migrant women without legal status live in precarious situations while having no or limited access to health care and other basic services. Their access to descent care is mainly hampered by a lack of information, limited financial resources and poor experiences in the past. 

 Médecins du Monde has asked the support of C4C to help give them the opportunity to re-gain control over their (mental) health. From March till June 2019 we work together with Theatre & Reconciliation, our partner organization and invite migrant women to participate in a theatre production “ Liaisons Joyeuses” that will be developed together with other women and men, professional actors and amateurs. The goal is to make these women proactive, to give them the floor and to get them out of their isolation. 

 The role of Culture 4 Change within this specific context is to conduct a research action in order to  determine whether the method of Theatre & Reconciliation indeed  results in feelings of more trust and psychosocial well-being both among the target group and the audience.