30. aug, 2019

Body and Mind - health and mental health - from cellbiology to culture

The slogan “No health without mental health” is used more than a decade now to get attention for the lack of mental health services and the continuing stigma.Nowadays, new developments break down the old dichotomy between physical and mental health - as much as there is no cleat line between what is mad and what is 'normal'. 

Attending the World Psychiatry Association Meeting in Lisbon, I saw how the full range of psychiatry was represented, from biomedical scientists discussing how lithium added to the drinking water could prevent dementia, to the researcher from an Institute of Islamic Thought who explained how study of the Quran and Hadith helps reduce female infanticide: a female baby should be seen as Glad tidings from God! But there was a common denominator: all agreed that we need to turn to person-centered care, rather than focusing on statistics and diagnostics. That was a Glad Tiding indeed for C4C. I wrote a blog about it here.