25. sep, 2019

Mental health: only me? or also us?

Willem van de Put (C4C) is on the panel in the discussion on: Mental health: only me? or also us?

Alternatives to the individualistic bias of the mindfulness industry

 25 September 2019, 19:30 - 21:00, Expo Zaal, Eijffel Gebouw, free entrance, language: english


As part of the International Mental Health Festival, Debatcentrum Sphinx will organize a debate which will take a critical stance towards the individualistic framing of mental health issues: as personal failures, as the incapacity to cope with pressures from work, studies, social media. And around which an industry of mental health therapies and coachings has emerged, all with their own philosophy to teaches individuals to cope and become more resilient.

No matter the importance of taking mental breakdowns very seriously and of finding ways to get back on one’s legs, this framing of mental health issues as individual is not neutral, not innocent, not the only one possible. It tends to render invisible that many of the pressures that make people crash are far from only individual. What is more, it tends to keep us away from developing collaborations and solidarities that might also help prevent breakdown or provide effective coping strategies.

In this debate we will elaborate the critique and discuss ‘alternative’ framings and solutions, with experts and audience.

Simone van Trier will lead the discussion.