23. jan, 2020

'Liaison Joyeuses' theatre to help migrants move forward!

Many migrant women in Brussels have no legal status and limited or no access to health care and other basic services. In 2019 www.culture4change.com and "Theatre & Reconciliation" joined forces to help them break their isolation. They participated in a theatre production, and thus built social cohesion between people with different cultures, backgrounds and age.

C4C conducted action research during the process to measure the effect. A publication has been submitted to a scientific journal, to show how these women regained self-confidence and since then undertook action to improve their own situation

In 2020 this program will happen again, and we will again document the outcomes. We are building evidence for our hypothesis that mental health is largely defined by (the quality of) social relations and interactions – an aspect that is too often forgotten as a result of the medicalization of mental health related problems.