22. jul, 2020

Workshop Effective Communication in Antwerp (in Dutch)

How do we communicate? Why do we  sometimes think that others don't understand us, and why does it often? What do others hear and what do we want them to hear? What do we prefer not to talk about, how do we deal with hierarchy, how does that affect our (work) relationships, and how can you 'tell the truth' to family, colleagues and friends without hurting them?

 In the workshop "Effective Communication"  we put theory into practice. From theoretical concepts (Levine, Porges, Omer et al.) we learn from everyday examples and exercises how to raise awareness of thoughts, emotions and feelings t  to  reconnect with ourselves  and with the world around us  (partners, colleagues, friends, family). And above all, how we communicate that connection, without being hindered by fear or uncertainty – while maintaining respect.

This workshop not only focuses on a private context, but is also focused on application in a professional setting. Whether we work in self-managing teams, in the normal economic circuit (NEC), at the government or in a healthcare institution: being able to work together from mutual trust and connection is essential.

The workshop will be in Dutch language. For more information, see the project page on this website.