29. jul, 2019
Podcast De Dag: de moeizame weg van Afghanistan naar vrede

Afghanistan only reaches the news these days when there is another vicious attack or other form of violence. Sunday, on the first day of the presidential election campaigns, it was hit again. Correspondent Aletta André and C4C’s Willem van de Put talk about how the country is doing after 18 years of war. On Dutch radio 1 – here.
"In fact, the government has nothing to say about more than half of the country," says Van de Put. "And if nobody takes a radical step, it will still be like that in 5 years."
Afghanistan komt vooral in het nieuws als er een aanslag of een andere vorm van geweld is. Zondag, op de eerste dag van de campagnes voor de presidentsverkiezingen, was het weer raak. In De Dag vertellen correspondent Aletta André en Afghanistan-kenner Willem van de Put hoe het land er na 18 jaar oorlog voorstaat.

10. jul, 2019

"From March till June 2019 we worked with our partner Theatre & Reconciliation to increase agency and social inclusion of migrant women in Brussels. This resulted in the theatre production “Les Liaisons Joyeuses” that was hugely appreciated by hundreds of visitors. C4C developed methodology to measure the effect, and is currently working out the details as a basis for more action and publications. Button Ricarte, from C4C, made this graphic illustration of the process."

28. jun, 2019

Dear friends,

We already received donations from some of you, which is wonderful and motivates us to get more and more done! Thank you so much for your help, which is much appreciated by our partners in Belgium, Burundi, Cambodia, Guinee, the Netherlands and Rwanda to help getting our work done....

The C4C bank account is

BE86 7360 5901 3450

at the KBC bank, Antwerp.

Swift Code KREDBEBB022

All support very welcome!



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16. jun, 2019
The programming team of IMD Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC and the International Human Rights Film Festival decided that "Silent Land, the Fight for Fair Food" will be part of the itinerant screenings FINCA Rosario Argentina organized by IMD on June 29, 2019.
"The objective of the production of these events is to continue broadcasting the most representative films of the festival in other countries."
We wish the organizers (IMD Instituto Multimedia DerHumALC, Festival Internacional de Cine de Derechos Humanos, Festival Internacional de Cine Ambiental in Buenos Aires, Argentina) succes!
16. jun, 2019

In Guinea C4C started working with the agency Fraternité médicale Guinée (FMG) to develop an approach to Sexual and Reproductive health and rights that includes more aspects of the socio-cultural and socio-economical  determinants of health. In group discussions women shared their concerns and illustrated how all aspects of life are important to understand how to improve health.