Culture 4 Change

We live in a change of era - not in an era of change. Migration, expulsion, inequity, negative globalization, environmental alarm, and clashes of culture. The upside: exciting opportunities in new ways of social bonding, data revolution, digital and financial inclusion, and new forms of interdependency and organization. 

C4C applies culture to make change. C4C is the combination of a deep understanding of cultural norms, values ​​and beliefs and b) a shared understanding of the impact of warfare and poverty. Based on these two pillars we help bring change by addressing collective trauma. We activate frozen communities.

C4C works with people that have little left to lose. Women at the end of war and poverty, communities fragmented by warfare, refugees excluded from any services. We work somewhere where people want to change from fragile states to the excluded populations in wealthy nations.  

C4C beleidsplan 2017-2020

Dutch language only: policy paper 2017-2020 can be downloaded here.